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MLTG to Set New Standards for Surgical Sterility
Our advanced product promises to conquer the breach between glove & gown.

MLTG is partnering with New York Embroidery Studio to create a next-gen surgical gown that incorporates our new Tough Cuff Surgical Sleeve for the garment’s fluid management system. This groundbreaking innovation addresses a current weakness in the glove-gown interface that has presented a longstanding threat to surgical sterility. The gowns will be made entirely of materials sourced in the United States and will be manufactured in Maine and in Brooklyn, NY. Their exclusive American-made production will ensure oversight of their premium quality and keep their availability secure from today’s escalating global supply-chain issues. The Tough Cuff’s success in improving the sterility of these FDA 510-certified garments has inspired MLTG’s decision to no longer manufacture our EZ Glider socks. That pivot will allow our full investment in the MedTech products that can set new standards for professional performance and patient care.

MLTG’s advanced textile technology is matched by the decades of industry experience that grants us unparalleled insight into apparel production and design. Our founder’s status as a multi-patented neurosurgeon has set the standard for the rigorous product research and testing that is the hallmark of our work. We honor our relationships with the local Maine partners who share the values that inspire our mission. That goal is to provide products of peerless performance at a quality and value beyond compare.

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