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Our advanced cuff conquers the breach in sterility in the glove-gown interface.

Maine-Lee Technology Group combines advanced textile technology with decades of industry experience, offering unparalleled insight into apparel production and design. Our founder’s status as a multi-patented neurosurgeon has set the standard for the rigorous product research and testing that is the benchmark for our work. 

Our goal is clear: to deliver products of unmatched performance, quality, and value. Our latest achievement, the MLTG “Tuff Cuff,” received its Notice of Allowance (NOA) on March 19, 2024, from the US Patent Office. The Tuff Cuff’s FDA 510 K medical device certification is expected in the second quarter of 2025. The cuff’s patented Fluid Management System is a groundbreaking advancement in surgical sleeve sterility. MLTG is currently researching and developing the new manufacturing system we have proofed to produce the surgical gowns that will incorporate the Tuff Cuff into the gown’s sleeve.

This milestone product has inspired MLTG to retire both our EZ Glider sock and Fresh Rest bedding product lines. That decision will allow us to focus fully on developing more of the MedTech IP and patents that can set new standards in professional performance and care.

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