MLTG was created to engineer our patent-pending products from a fiber-level knowledge of the chemical composition and physical properties of the threads its products are woven from and the way those filaments are fabricated for optimum performance.

The company’s advanced antimicrobial textiles are engineered with a Triple Fiber Focus on each fiber’s composition, placement, and custom weave. That holistic approach to the selection, synthesis, and structure of every textile element has led to the proprietary products and practices that are redefining industry standards for performance and wear.

A brief overview of each aspect of our Triple Fiber Focus follows:

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Individual fiber choice is determined by the careful selection and processing of natural fibers and/or MLTG’s selection of synthetic fibers or the custom fibers we design. The latter includes such proprietary products as voided yarns engineered to wick moisture for quick evaporation and friction resistant EZ Glide fibers–designed to reduce chafing and speed footwear entry and exit.

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Strategic location of individual fibers creates optimal placement for maximum performance. Moisture management, anti-chafing, circulatory stimulation and other functional fabric benefits can all be enhanced by the specific assignment of individual threads to designated key areas of a particular garment’s design. MLTG is expert in orchestrating this kind of superior structural support.

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Variations in the weave both between separate products and within individual fabrics creates an unlimited range of structural diversification that MLTG exploits to enhance performance and wear. Form-fitting fabrics, seamless designs, and a broad spectrum of mechanical and gradated compression are just some of the features yielded from weaves designed to fit any body’s form or need.

Top Ten Tech Features

The list below presents a quick survey of some of the top technical features of MLTG products. The individual efficacy of these properties is enhanced by textile designs that create multifunctional benefits that are much greater than the sum of their parts.

  • Friction-Resistant EZ Glide Fibers
  • Gradient & Structural Compression Weaves
  • Form-fitting Designs
  • Seamless Structures
  • Blister-Reducing Construction
  • Integrated Moisture Management
  • Quick-Dry Fibers
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Non-Leaching Textiles
  • Organic Antimicrobials

Our proven Proficiency

Maine-Lee Technology Group’s exclusive manufacturer has earned the industry certifications that objectively qualify the superior standards we set for their success. That record includes:

2006: Regional Certificated Medical Compression Stockings Manufacturer

2007: Registered FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification

2011: Passed SGS ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2

2013: Certificated Medical Support Stocking Manufacturer by Executive Yuan

2015: Qualified Medical Device Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by Ministry of Health and Welfare.