A Natural Fit for Millennials

Millennials’ demand for organic antimicrobial products coupled with their tendency towards a less-consumptive lifestyle make this prime consumer group a natural fit for MLTG’s products.

The organic antimicrobials used to control odor in MLTG fabrics represents the kind of all-natural components critical to consumers who are screening for products that can help sustain both personal and environmental health. MLTG’s organic antimicrobial processing is another key benefit for this audience, as is the flexibility of the fabrics they produce. The day-long comfort and support our textiles provide throughout work, recreational, sports, and leisure activities grants the diversity of use important to those looking to buy fewer garments that can serve a wider range of needs. What’s more, that attention to superior value is rewarded not only by product versatility, but by fabrics that are setting new industry standards for extreme durability and long-lasting wear.

Multi-sector Market Suitability

Maine-Lee Technology’s Group focus on creating textiles that provide maximum performance while showing minimal wear makes our products suitable for use in some of the most demanding market sectors, including:

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The EZ Glider® socks that launched our brand have the friction-resistant, odor-fighting, moisture-managing, blister-reducing technology and other high-performance features that make them the top sock for tackling any snow or dirt-covered trail. The ability of a lightweight sock to trap warmth is particularly valuable for those who place a premium on outdoor adventure.

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Our experience in engineering gradient compression, use of organic antimicrobials, and our founder’s status as a neurosurgeon who’s developed multiple patented medical devices, grants us unique competency in the application of our products for medical use. Our EZ Glider®socks were first field-tested by medical professionals attuned to the strict demands for health and comfort that our apparel is designed to meet.

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Our development of gradient compression, moisture management, and antimicrobial features has led to the creation of a sock that can keep up with the most demanding daylong professional needs. Whether making the rounds in a hospital or factory floor or hitting the streets for corporate or civic service, we can design the fabrics that provide enduring support for any job.

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Extreme use demands extreme performance. MLTG’s continual practice of field-testing and refining our products has created fabrics designed to meet the call of the most demanding duties. Our senior vice president’s past military service ensures our intimate awareness of the military-grade standards these customers expect and deserve.


The depth of MLTG’s technical and practical experience has yielded products and practices that can cover an increasingly broad range of textile demands. Matching the specific requirements of MLTG’s vendor partners can be done through any one of the following trio of customized corporate programs:

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MLTG can create the fabrics that match any customer’s specific tastes and needs. These include delivery of textiles and/or manufactured products created in unique colors, patterns, or fiber combinations. We can work directly with corporate partners and/or their vendors to tailor-fit our products for their customers’ unique use.

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Positioning our proprietary fabrics with those of partner vendors can create a powerful alignment of compatible product strengths. MLTG welcomes the chance to pair our products with those of compatible partners to create the complementary double-brand impact that can inspire interest and sales.

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Decades of intensive fiber-focused research combined with continually updated surveys of consumer needs have led to the products and processes that powered MLTG’s position to an industry leader. Licensing appropriate intellectual property rights can be the key to putting our top-tier technology to work to meet your brand’s specific needs.